General Terms and Conditions

  1. Data of Service Provider

Name: ISSUES TRAINING Kommunikációs és Tanácsadó Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
(ISSUES TRAINING Communications and Consulting Limited Liability Company)

Company address: 2025 Visegrád, Mátyás király u. 40.

Company registration number: 13-09-131176 – registered by the Court of Registration in Budapest Region

VAT number: 14235982-2-13

NTAK number : EG20004874

Email address:

Telephone number: +36 (30) 860-1436

Bank: OTP Bank Nyrt

Account number: 11742087-24271325

  1. General rules

2.1.    The present “Terms and Conditions” regulate the lodgings of the Service Provider and the use of their services.

2.2.    Special, unique conditions do not constitute part of the General Terms and Conditions, but do not rule out the occasional conclusion of separate agreements with tour operators and organisers; each time with special conditions that pertain to the type of business.

  1. Contracting Party

3.1.    The services provided by the Service Provider are used by the Guest.

3.2.    AIf the Guest directly places an order for services with the Service Provider, the Guest is to be considered the Contracting Party. If the conditions are met, the Service Provider and the Guest jointly become the Contracting Parties (hereinafter Parties)..

3.3.    If an order for services on behalf of the Guest is placed with the Service Provider by a third party (hereinafter referred to as: Agent), the conditions for cooperation are regulated by the contract concluded between the Operator and the Agent. In this case, the Service Provider is not required to consider whether the third party is a legal representative of the Guest.

  1. Concluding the contract, method of reservation, modifications and obligation for notification

4.1.    Upon the Guest’s verbal or written (including email) request for a quote, the Service Provider sends a quote.
The Service Provider declares how long the quote is valid after sending. After the expiry date of the offer, the Service Provider shall not be bound by the offer.

4.2.    The Contract enters into force after the Service Provider confirms the Guest’s reservation verbally or in writing. It shall be considered the equivalent of a Contract concluded in writing.
Any verbal booking, agreement or modification, or the confirmation of any of the above made by the Service Provider verbally shall not be considered as a Contract.

4.3.    The Contract on the use of the accomodation service is always for a fixed term.
4.3.1. If the Guest should leave the room permanently before the expiration of the agreed term, the Service Provider is entitled to receive the entire value of the agreed service, provided that the Parties did not agree otherwise. The Service Provider is entitled to market the empty room again which was left before the agreed term had expired.

4.3.2. Prior agreement on the Service Provider’s part is necessary for the extention of the use of the lodging service initiated by the Guest. In such a case, the Service Provider may stipulate that the entire value of the already completed service be paid.

4.4.    A written agreement signed by all Parties concerned is necessary for the modification and / or amendment of the Contract.

  1. Prices

5.1.    Room prices can be found on the website of the Service Provider ( and shall also be displayed at the front desk of the guesthouse. The price lists of other services are available at the reception.

5.2.    The Service Provider is free to change prices without prior notification.

5.3.    Upon the publication of prices, the Service Provider shall indicate the value of the taxes applying at the time of the offer (VAT, Tourist tax), regulated by law. After prior notification, the Service Provider may burden the Contracting Party with the surcharge deriving from the modification of the tax law in effect (VAT, Tourist tax).

5.4.    Discounts, promotions and other offers will be made public on the website.

  1. Method of payment, guarantee

6.1.    The Service Provider will claim the full charge of the services provided to the Contracting Party the latest after the services had been used, but prior to the Guest’s departure from the guesthouse. Within the framework of a special agreement, however, the Service Provider could allow for subsequent payment, too. The Service Provider shall be entitled to issue partial invoices for the services provided. In case of romms ordered by telephone or via email, the Service Provider is entitled to require full payment in advance, upon arrival .The guesthouse is entitled to ask for 50% of the room rate in advance.

6.2.    As collateral for the use of services under the Service Contract and as guarantee for the payment of the service value, the Service provider may:

a) request credit card guarantee, during which the ordered and confirmed service is blocked on the guest’s bank account through the credit card,
b) request an advance payment for a part of the ordered services, or all of them.

6.3.    The Contracting Party can settle the bill in HUF and/ or EUR. In this case, the conversion and billing will be done at the National Bank of Hungary’s official foreign currency exchange rate on the day of the Guest’s arrival.
The Service Provider accepts cashless payment methods (credit cards, traveler’s checks, or based on a separate contract: coupons, vouchers, etc.), the updated list of which guests can request from the Service Provider.

  1. Method and conditions of using the service

7.1.    Individual Guests may occupy their rooms as of 3.00 PM on the day of arrival (Check in). On the day of departure, rooms may be occupied until 11.00 AM (Check out). For groups and conference guests, the time of Check out is 10.00 AM on the day of departure. Parties may agree otherwise, separately.

  1. Pets

8.1. For health safety reasons, the Service Provider does not receive pets.

  1. Refusal of the completion of the contract, termination of the service obligation

9.1.    The Service Provider is entitled to promptly decline the Service Contract on providing accommodation-service and thereby reject rendering the services if:

  1. a) the Guest does not use the room and the facilities properly;
  2. b) the Guest, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, displays objectionable, rough or threatening behaviour towards the staff members of the guesthouse, or jeapordizes its security;
  3. c) the Guest suffers from a contagious disease;
  4. d) the Contracting Party does not comply with their obligation to pay the advance set by the Contract, or settle the partial invoice within the defined deadline;

9.2.    If the Contract between the parties is not satisfied for “force majeure” reasons, the contract shall be terminated.

  1. Accomodation guarantee

10.1.    If the Service Provider fails to provide the services defined in the Contract as a result of their own fault (e.g. overbooking, temporary operational problems, etc.), the Service Provider is obliged to promptly offer the Guest a replacement accommodation option.

10.2.    The Service Provider is obliged to:

  1. a) offer/ensure services covered by the Contract, at the price confirmed therein, for the stipulated period of time, or until the hindrance ceases to exist, at a different guesthouse of the same or higher category with all additional costs borne by the Service Provider
  2. b) provide one telephone call free of charge for the Guest to communicate the change of accomodations;
  3. c) provide free transport for the Guest to the replacement accommodation and back again if necessary.

10.3. If the Service Provider complies with these obligations in full, or if the Guest has accepted the replacement accommodation offered, subsequent damage claim cannot be made by Contracting Party.

  1. Illnes or death of the Guest

11.1.    If the Guest should fall ill during the use of the accommodation-service and is unable to represent his own interests, the Service Provider shall offer to get medical help.

11.2.    In the case of the illness/death of the Guest, the Service Provider shall demand a compensation for expenses from the relative, heir, or proxy of the patient/deceased with respect to possible medical or procedure expenses, the value of services used prior to the illness/death and possible damages caused in equipment and furniture due to the illness/death.

  1. Rights of the Contracting Party

12.1.    Under the Contract, the Guest is entitled to the use of the ordered room and the associated services, in compliance with the policy. The Guest is also entitled to the proper use of the facilities of the guesthouse, in compliance with the policy displayed at these facilities. The Guest is also entitled to use other services upon payment of the prices indicated on the separate price list.

12.2.    The Guest is entitled to file a complaint regarding the quality of services at the accommodation during his stay. The Guest is entitled to register his complaint in the Guestbook, or ask the Service Provider for an official record. The Service Provider is obliged to investigate the complaint.

  1. Obligations of the Contracting Party

13.1.    At the time of the use of services or latest upon departure (Check-out), the Contracting Party is obliged to settle the value of the services ordered in the Contract and the services effectively used, unless agreed otherwise.

13.2.    The Guest shall ensure that any childer under 14 year of age under his supervision shall be accompanied by adults during the stay at Service Provider’s guesthouse.

13.3.    The Guest must not take flammable objects into the guesthouse and must not smoke in the interior halls.

  1. The contracting party’s liability for damages

The Guest is liable for all damages or disadvantages that the Service Provider or a third party may be subjected to due the fault of the Guest or any other person the Guest is responsible for. This liability is also valid in cases where the the victim is entitled to compensation for his damages directly from the Service Provider.

  1. Obligations of the Service Provider

The Service Provider is obliged to:
a) provide accommodation and other services ordered in the Contract in line with the applying regulations and service standrads
b) investigate the Guest’s written complaints and take the necessary steps to tackle the problem. These also have to be recorded in written form.

  1. The Service Provider’s liability for damages

16.1.  The Service Provider undertakes responsibility for any damages the Guest may suffer within the premises of the guesthouse, caused by the Service Provider or guesthouse staff. The Service Provider is liable for damages the Guest may suffer during the loss, damage or destruction of his personal belongings.

16.2. The Service Provider’s liability for damages does not cover cases where the damage is attributable to unavoidable reasons that fall outside the scope of the Service Provider’s employees and circle of guests, or were self-inflicted by the Guest. Nor does the Service Provider’s liability for damages cover cases that derive form the Guest breaching the code of conduct published in the guesthouse’s house rules (policy). The Service Provider undertakes to display the Huse Rules at a highly visibible spot for guests to see and shall call the Guest’s attention to its contents during the order of accommodation services.

16.3. The Service Provider may designate areas within the presmises of the guesthouse that the Guest is not allowed to enter. For damages caused in such areas the Service Provider shall not be held liable.

16.4. The Guest must promptly report all damages to the Service Provider and provide all the necessary information to the Service Provider that may be required for the clarification of the claim, a possible police report and the police procedures.

  1. Lien

To ensure Service Provider’s claims arising from the services it provides, it is entitled to lien on the Guest’s items brought to the guesthouse. Referring to the lien, the Service Provider is entitled to hinder the transport of the Guest’s belongings away from the guesthouse until the bill for the services provided had been settled.

  1. Force majeure

Any reason or circumstance (e.g. war, fire, flood, rigors of weather, power shortage, strike) of either Party over which they have no control (force majeure), excuses any Party from fulfilling their obligations under the Contract until this reason or circumstance is no longer valid. The Parties agree to do everything in their power to keep chances for such reasons or circumstances to arise at a minimum level and thereby make up for the damage or delay caused as soon as possible.

  1. The scope of the General Terms and Conditions

The Service Provider shall display the present General Terms and Conditions, as well as the House Rules (policy) at a highly visible spot for the Guests and undertakes to make them accessible electronically, too, on its website. By accepting (confirming) the order of services, the The Contracting Party (Guest or Agent) takes note of the General Terms and Conditions.

  1. The law applicable to the legal relationship of the Parties / the acting court

Hungarian Civil Code provisions are apply to the legal relationship between the Service Provider and the Contracting Party.

Visegrád, 2020.

Villa Harmónia Kft.