House rules (policy)

In exceptional cases, Operator may offer Guest a different type of accommodation from what was agreed previously, provided it does not differ significantly from the confirmed order. If Guest asks for the prolongation of their stay during their stay instead of in advance, Operator is entitled to offer a different room than Guest stayed in originally. Upon arrival, in their own interest, Guest checks the status of the room’s furniture and equipment and notifies reception of possible malfunctions. Guest will be held responsible for malfunctions that were not reported in due course. For safety reasons, parents or caretakers must not leave children under 10 years of age unattended in the room or in other areas of the resort.

For damages resulting from the improper use of the guesthouse, or damages deriving from the breach of the policy Guests shall bear financial responsibility. The host cannot be held responsible for Guests’ personal belongings and assets. The host is not liable for any disagreements or conflicts between guests, but will take the necessary measures in accordance with statutory requirements to maintain order and ensure the safety of all guests within the premises of the accommodation institution. For valuables left at the guesthouse, Operator and other resort staff shall not be liable.


The front desk opening hours are from 8.00 AM to 12.00 AM and from 02.00 PM to 6.00 PM. We kindly ask our Guests to occupy their rooms latest until 6.00 PM; if a late arrival is expected, please indicate it over the phone or via email. On the day of arrival, Guests can occupy their rooms after 2.00 PM, whereas on the day of check-out they must leave the room before 10.00 AM. We can only accept diversion from this rule upon prior arrangement. We invite you to observe the silence at night from 10.00 PM to 7.00 AM. In addition, Guests are asked not to receive visitors or let strangers enter the premises of the resort. Guests are prohibited in all rooms and common areas to relocate or rearrange equipment and furniture or repair devices. Otherwise Guest will be obliged to compensate the Guesthouse for any damage done. If Guest is to leave the room temporarily, he/she must close the taps, the windows and the terrace doors. Upon arrival, please present the reservation confirmation to the Operator's representative at the front desk. It is only possible to occupy the accommodation in the pre-agreed Guest numbers. The accommodation fee does not include breakfast, which is served between 8.30 AM and 10.00 AM.


Smoking is prohibited in the entire area of the building and so is the lighting of incense and candles, or the usage of open flames. There are places designated for smoking in the garden and on the terraces. Please restrict smoking to these places and use an ashtray.

Fire, stewing in the cauldron

Fire can be made solely in accordance with current fire safety regulations (with placing a fire extinguishing agent next to the fire and with combustible substances removed from the vicinity of the fire) in the designated fire ring. Before the fire ring is left unattended again, you need to make sure that the fire was genuinely put out well! In addition to the wood and paper at our Guests' disposal, the burning of other materials (e.g. plastic, rubber) is strictly forbidden!

Closing the garden and the building

Please close the rooms, gates and the entrances of the building at night and after check-out. In case Guests lose the keys to the premises given to them upon check-in, they must report the incident immediately to reception and compensate the Guesthouse for the costs of the new keys and locks. Keys must be returned to reception upon leaving after the check-out.


We do love animals very much; however, our guesthouse is unfortunately not prepared to accommodate pets.


Cars can only be parked in the parking places designated for our guests. Please park your vehicles in a way that they do not hinder the free movement / parking of other guests.

Using furnishings/fixtures

The furnishings may only be used for their intended purpose. The user of the object will be held responsible for any damage or possible accident resulting from the misuse. Please do not remove objects of decoration, pictures and informational images from their intended places. Please do not take room equipment items (e.g. bed, bedding, mattress, TV) out of the building. Guest agrees that during their stay in the room, if necessary, a maintenance mechanic or repair personnel shall enter. There is Internet access in every room. If you have any problems getting connected, please report it to the front desk.

Usage of borrowed items

For any damage or accident deriving from the improper usage of borrowed objects (e.g. gas bottle, kettle, cauldron, other kitchen utensils) the borrower shall be held liable. The terms of borrowing must be observed.


Guests shall occupy clean rooms; during their stay, they will have to ensure cleanliness themselves.

Garbage disposal

The disposal of household garbage can is done in the rubbish bins placed in the rooms or the selective trashcans in the common areas. If they fill up during your stay, please inform someone from the guesthouse staff about it, who will then arrange the emptying of the rubbish bin and the loading of a new, empty garbage bag.


The guesthouse has central heating. The room temperature can be controlled by turning the knobs on the radiators in the rooms. Upon occupying your room, please ask staff to show you how the settings work. If you have any further questions later in connection with the settings, please let reception know. Guests are not allowed to use any other heating methods.

Air conditioning

All rooms in our guesthouse are air conditioned. The room temperature can be controlled by turning the knobs on the radiators in the rooms. Upon check-in, please as for the remote control and ask to be shown how it works. If you have any further questions later in connection with the settings, please let reception know.


Meals are to be consumed in the dining rooms in our guesthouse, and it is also possible to eat in the rooms. Generally, the usage of kitchen tools (e.g. kettle, stove) is prohibited in the rooms. Exceptions are rooms with a cooking corner/kitchenette; we kindly ask our guests to only use the kitchen tools of the guesthouse in the kitchenettes.


The landlord takes care of the garden. Please keep the garden clean and do not damage the plants.


The sauna facilities can only be used by everyone at their own risk. After the consumption of alcohol, its usage is strictly prohibited. Guests can only use the sauna facilities by prior arrangement. The sauna room costs HUF 1.500 / person / hour in high season.

As in every household, in the guesthouse it is also possible that something is destroyed or fails due to no fault of our guests. If a malfunction is detected, you are kindly asked to report to staff immediately to prevent the possibility of serious further damage. Upon check-out, Guest is obliged to pay the price of pre-agreed services. Operator issues the invoice during check-out. In case you stay longer than 7 days, Operator the right to ask for an advance of 50% of the price of the accommodation. Guest must comply with the rules of this policy. In the event that Guest violates the rules of the policy, Operator has the right to withdraw from accommodating Guest and providing agreed related services prior to expiration. Upon check-in to the guesthouse, Guest accepts the house rules (policy) by signing the application form.

Have a nice rest and we wish you a pleasant stay!